Focus on Metabolomics – a Tool for Personalised Health?

5 October 2017 – Medical Delta Café

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Focus on Metabolomics – a Tool for Personalised Health?
Is the future of healthcare simply personalised medicine and food? How are metabolomics used in biomedical research? Will metabolomics enable us to predict the potential health effects of certain food choices in a more precise way? And in what way will metabolomics change the food industry and agriculture?

Prof. Dr. Cock van Duijn will show recent advances in metabolomics research and present about how metabolomics will revolutionise personal health and medicine. Caroline Duterloo presents about MetaboXL, workname for a Medical Delta initiative focusing on making the newest technology in metabolomics available for industry and research. And Berry Kriesels, founder of Omnigen, will explain why he is interested to include metabolomics in the self-management services for personalised lifestyle and health offered by his company.

Attend the Medical Delta Café in Rotterdam and all your questions about Metabolomics will be answered!


Medical Delta Café – Focus on Metabolomics
Date: October 5 – 2017
Time: from 03.30 PM till 05.30 – with drinks & bites after!
Location: Life Sciences & Health Hub – Rotterdam
Address: Marconistraat 16, Rotterdam

05 OKTOBER 2017