Healthy Living & Active Aging

TU Delft’s Health Initiative would like to invite you for the Healthy Living & Active Ageing Pressure Cooker Session on February 13th in Delft!

The aim of this session is to identify new opportunities for European projects within the domain of Healthy Living & Active Ageing.

Multidisciplinary experts (researchers, healthcare professionals, industry and government) will combine their knowledge to find innovative solutions for societal challenges in this domain. The session focuses on relevant challenges experienced by professionals in the field. This requires innovative technical solutions.

Are you looking for new opportunities for projects in Healthy Living and Active Ageing in H2020 or EIT Health? Or do you want to submit challenge for the session? We believe that your knowledge and experience can be of great value to find new solutions for the following challenges:

– How can technology support independent living for elderly with cognitive disorders?
– What technical innovations do we need to enable 1€ screening of every person above 50 for atrial fibrillation?
– How to use smart technology to ensure freedom and safety in the intramural context?
– How to integrate nanopore technology in domestic appliances to measure and control healthy environments?
– How could robopets support caregivers in stressful environments? Opportunities for a new generation of robots.
– What role could blockchain play in the exchange of patient data for better medical care?
– How to measure the cognitive performance after proton therapy with brain tumors?
– Sustainable healthy lifestyle at home: Can positive cues support an active lifestyle (including resting)?
– How to become the healthiest county? Will technology drive regional systems like domotics and self driving pubic transport?

Program and registration
You can find the program here or submit here


12.00 – 17.30.

Science Centre Delft
Mijnbouwstraat 120
2628 RX Delft

More information about the EIT Health, H2020 and the calls: and

We hope to welcome you on February 13th in Delft!

13 februari 2018