Second Ideation Workshop | Prevention

7-8 November | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Ideation Workshop is open to all EIT Health partners and stakeholders who would like to develop impactful EIT Health projects linked to the following Focus Areas: “Employer leadership in improving health outcomes in the workplace” & “Foster healthy lives by introducing behavioural change”. With good preparation during this Ideation Workshop we can kick-start these Prevention Focus Areas and make them succesfull in the Business Plan 2020 Call.

Who should attend the Ideation Workshop?

EIT HealthRepresentatives of EIT Health partners, in particular those with specific expertise in the above mentioned Focus areas and/or with the intention to initiate a project or activity in one of these Focus areas (core, associate, network partners) and who fall into the following categories are welcome to join:

  • Need owners, e.g. hospitals, cities, payers
  • Product owners, e.g. corporates, startups
  • Knowledge owners, e.g. academic researchers

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7 - 8 November 2018