Winners of the Health Innovation Challenge 2017

Last week the Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) 2017 took place. During this unique event, initiated originally by the municipality of Rotterdam, 40 startup and SME-entrepreneurs from in- and outside the healthcare sector worked together with recognized health care institutions and tackled 4 crucial challenges. These four challenges were formulated by the Maasstad Hospital, the Trauma Center SWH, the municipality of Rotterdam and Erasmus Medical Center.

The Health Innovation Challenge

The main purpose of the HIC 2017 was to stimulate health innovation, with an emphasis on actual realization and implementation of validated innovation solutions in the healthcare sector. The four challengers, Maasstad Hospital, Trauma Center SWN, the municipality of Rotterdam and Erasmus Medical Center committed upfront to actually start a pilot project with the winning entrepreneurs. This makes the event unique.

In the period prior to October 12th a total of 150+ startups and SME entrepreneurs applied for the four challenges, the challengers all selected 6-10 entrepreneurs who were invited to the Health Innovation Challenge. These entrepreneurs were provided with the opportunity to pitch their solution for one of the four pilot challenges. Based on the meetings, at the end of the day, the representatives of Traumacentrum SWH and Maasstad Hospital announced the winners of their challenges with whom they will start a pilot programme in the coming 6 months. Traumacentrum SWH even chose two companies with whom they want to enter the pilot programme! The representatives of the municipality of Rotterdam and the Erasmus Medical Center  expressed their wish to hold of the announcement for a short while so that they can do some additional interviews. These pilot winners are offered the opportunity to develop their ideas in a pilot programme guided by ECE.

Alexis Prades – Culture Amp: “I extremely enjoyed my meetings with Erasmus MC and am really excited about this pilot idea based on their challenge. We can help them have a big impact on their organisation!”

Maasstad Hospital’s challenge

“Turning patients’ time in the hospital into a valuable experience” was the challenge formulated by Maasstad Hospital. They were looking for innovative solutions to empower and educate patients and caregivers through creating new experiences during their stay in the hospital.

Behandeling Begrepen convinced Maasstad Hospital in their pitch and won the pilot project! They will start implementing their products in the hospital from now on. Behandeling Begrepen develops, together with doctors and patients, medical animation videos and pictures to make treatment information more clear. This is all in line with the hospital’s Value Based Healthcare strategy and their goal on patient-centeredness.

 Get in the Ring Global Conference

In addition to the meetings between the healthcare institutions and entrepreneurs, the Health Innovation Challenge provided workshops on identification and formulation of challenges and successful collaboration. The day ended with a Get in the Ring pitch battle between four companies chosen for their ability and enthusiasm in presenting their idea. The winning company of this battle was AVRGE. The award? An all inclusive flight to the Get in the Ring Global finals, to a yet undisclosed destination!

Mitchell de Mol (AVRGE): “This day was amazing! I got the opportunity to pitch my solution to a big corporate outside my branche – and comfort zone. The Health Innovation Challenge facilitated dialogues between and entrepreneurs and health institutions, which is unique and extremely valuable.”

The Health Innovation Challenge is an initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam and Life Sciences and Health 010. The Health Innovation Challenge is organised by ECE in collaboration with the Get in the Ring Foundation, SMO and VNO NCW.

12 oktober 2017